February 13, 2009

Beverly Eckert, 9/11 widow was in Flight 3407 !!

Friends and family of those aboard Continental Express Flight 3407 flocked in the Buffalo International airport to know about their near and dear ones.
For Sue Bourque, the wait for confirmation regarding her sister, Beverly Eckert, was all too familiar. Beverly Eckert is the widow of Sean Rooney, a Buffalo native who lost his life in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. She was actually travelling to Buffalo for a weekend celebration of what would have been her husband's 58th birthday. She also had planned to take part in presentation of a scholarship award at Canisius High School that she established in honor of her late husband. Well though they did not get the official news first but they knew she was in that plane.
Eckert, Rooney's high school sweetheart, continued to live in their home in Stamford, Conn., after the terrorists' attacks of 2001. As co-chairwoman of Voices of Sept. 11, she pushed for a formal commission to investigate intelligence failures and for a proper memorial to the victims.
Family members and friends identified two other people believed to be on the plane as Ellyce Kausner, a graduate of Clarence High School and Canisius College who was studying law at Florida Coastal University in Jacksonville, and Maddy Loftus, a Buffalo State College graduate who lives in New Jersey. Friends said Loftus was heading to Buffalo for a weekend reunion of Buffalo State women hockey players. One friend said she may have been flying with other young women heading here for the same reunion. It was a shocking news for all those people waiting for their friends and family in the airport to receive the passengers in the plane. They just would have never thought this would have happened.


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