January 15, 2009

US airways plane crashed into Hudson River

What can birds do to a biggg flight?? They can do anything and bring the whole aircraft down and that is what happened to the U.S. Airways Flight out of LaGuardia, NY that crashed into the Hudson River after it was struck by birds. Some are calling it the "Miracle On The Hudson." Bird strikes happen at low altitudes, during takeoff or landing. The plane is still in the water, but all passengers are reported to have escaped into rescue craft. Some 150 people aboard the US Airways plane en route to Charlotte, N.C., from New York City were rescued in a lightning-fast effort following the jet's crash into the frigid waters of the Hudson River off the West Side of Manhattan. US Airways flight 1549, an A-320 manufactured by Airbus, went down shortly after the pilot reported two bird strikes. He said only 30 seconds after takeoff at 3:26 p.m. ET, there was bird strikes.
The pilot, Chesley Burnett "Sully" Sullenberger III, was praised for his efforts at landing the plane softly on the river's surface, allowing rescue crews to get to the passengers before the plane sank.
"It would appear that the pilot did a masterful job of landing the plane in the river, and then making sure everybody got out," New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference late today. The mayor said Sullenberger "walked the plane twice to verify if anyone was onboard" before exiting himself. "You've got to give it to the pilot. He made a hell of a landing," said Jeff Kolodjay, 31, a passenger on the plane from Norwalk, Conn.
All passengers and crew aboard were reported safe after New York City firefighters, police and ferries rushed to the aid of the US Airways jet, which floated in the river near the historic aircraft carrier The Intrepid. Passengers wearing yellow life jackets were rescued off the wings as others held onto the plane's seat cushions, which serve as flotation devices. Some of those rescued were taken to area hospitals to be treated for exposure and secondary injuries. Some 50 other people -- including several children -- were kept at a ferry terminal and warmed with blankets.
It's just unbelievable as to how such incidences happen. God saved all of them in the flight.
Homeland Security and FBI officials say there's no indication that the plane crash in New York City was terrorism.


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