September 29, 2008

Museum of Art and design has reopened !!

The Museum of Arts and Design is celebrating the opening of its new fancy building on Columbus Circle this weekend. Well it is also free admission to the public. The new building increased the MAD’s total space by threefold and doubled the gallery space that was previously available to the museum at its former location on 53rd Street. Now it is a prime spot at the center of the south side of the Circle with ribbons of glass along its exterior that allow natural light to illuminate the galleries while those inside have a clear view of Central Park.
The first featured exhibition at the new location is Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary, which has works from over 50 artists who have taken mass-produced items and reimagined them as works of grandeur. Repurposing items from eyeglasses to high heels, the exhibit demonstrates how we can find beauty and a creative spark in the most mundane of objects.


Derek said...

Yeah you are right New York city never sleeps. I have been living here for the past 4 decades and i never saw the city as calm and rest.