September 29, 2008

Mets season over with Shea stadium closing , no playoffs !!

The Mets did not do it in the Shea this year also and will not be going to the playoffs after losing to the Marlins 4-2 in what will be the stadium's final game. They were not losing from first, and about halfway through their respective games, both the Mets and the Brewers were both down 1-0 and there had to be Mets fans hoping the team could just find a way to limp into tomorrow's one game playoff with Milwaukee.
But the Brewers were able to pull out a come from behind victory. The Mets couldn't. Carlos Beltran gave fans a glimmer of hope when he tied things up at 2-2 with a two-run homer in the sixth. But then the bullpen could not hold on and gave up back to back home runs to the Marlins in the 8th.
The end of the Mets' season was full of emotional vignettes as players struggled to explain the biggest question surrounding this team: How could this have happened a second year in a row? Once again, just as they did a year ago, the Mets missed out on a playoff berth on the final day of their regular season.