September 26, 2008

Chef ramsay in Trobiano's !!

Kitchen Nightmares featured the restaurant Trobiano’s in Great Neck, NY.
Anthony, the 12-year-old owner, started this restaurant just because he didn’t feel like working for anyone else. So, with that solid business plan in place, he asked his girlfriend’s parents to buy a restaurant for him. They opened an Italian restaurant on Long Island. The decor was not right and it looked more like the cafeteria of a nursing home. Anthony thinks he is too good in this and the restaurant is also $500,000 in debt!
Ramsay orders a meal - salmon with a side of spaghetti and that infamous chopped salad they serve. The food is beautiful and fancy, but tastes terrible. “It’s ghastly,” he says. He notices that a lot of customers are taking out doggie bags, and thinks the portions are too generous. He ordered two entrees, and his first, a chicken and shrimp dinner,comes out. It’s shrimp stuffed inside the chicken.
Anthony feels insulted when Ramsay is so unhappy and blasts. Ramsay sends the salmon back too, claiming it’s dry an inedible. Anthony is now furious. He can’t believe that Ramsay doesn’t love his food and won’t even taste it to see if it’s badly cooked.
At 7 pm,he sees that the restaurant is empty. Ramsay gives his comments about the hideous food. He calls Anthony out about being too proud to taste the dishes that were sent back to the kitchen.
Gordon goes into the kitchen, while the others keep talking. Ramsay finds a room full of filth and grease, and can’t believe the kitchen is in such a state. He even finds mouse droppings near the meat slicer. “For a chef to let go of his kitchen like this, shows he doesn’t care.”
Ramsay then tells them the situation and tells that Anthony wouldn't listen to him also. Anthony is arrogant and won’t take responsibility for himself, and Ramsay calls it quits. Anthony chases after him and admits he needs help.
Ramsay then teaches them how to make fresh mozzarella, which apparently only takes 45 minutes. That was good !! Anthony also then does some mistake and the fire alarm is on.!! A critic from Bon Appetit magazine come and enjoy their meal after all the relauch of the restaurant. So everyone is happy !!
Ramsay gives Anthony a ring and arranges for him to get married that night with Tiffanty Ramsay even has a dress ready for her, and a priest!haha !!
So dunno what is going to happen now in the future !!


Anonymous said...

It seems that Gordon Ramsay wasn't much help...

Less than a month after the Kitchen Nightmares episode featuring Trobiano's aired, the restaurant was shut down by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance for failure to pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

It seems he did alot for them, with the exception of giving them the half million to keep the state off their back. But I guess thats what you expect him to do. Can't hide from taxation revenue, not matter what anyone does.

Anonymous said...

The Marriage was a master stroke by Gordon. With one signature he became part of the family that lost owed 500 000 usd. Before that he could just have walked away. (He could still do that but it has become a little harder)