September 26, 2008

Chef Ramsay in Black Pearl restaurant in NY !!

This time Chef Gordon Ramsay pays a visit to a seafood restaurant called the Black Pearl. The Black Pearl is located in New York. What all happens in the restaurant, lets have a look !!
First the lunch isn’t exactly a disaster, but it’s not that good, he thinks.After lunch, Gordon meets with the owners, David, Brian and Greg. Three owners makes it a crowd,especially since the third partner was brought in solely because the first two didn’t want to put in their own money. This dint work well also as the restaurant is now a quarter of a million dollars in debt. In an after-service meeting, Gordon brings up the fact that the Maine lobsters that they’re selling are actually Canadian. David argues that they both come from the North Atlantic waters, so Canadian lobsters are the same thing as Maine lobsters.
The next day, Ramsay has a staff meeting, since there hasn’t been one in seven months. Basically there is no one to manage these employees, they are crying out for management and direction, so they’re actually begging for policies to be enacted and for one of the owners to actually act as a general manager. So he keeps a vote for a general manager, and they all choose Greg.
At the next dinner service, Brian gets sent home, and Greg and David alternate between front and back of the house.
Ramsay commends Greg’s heart, but tells Brian that he’s lazy, and David that he doesn’t actually give a crap about the restaurant; that he’s just using this restaurant to stroke his own ego. Waw that was tough. So obviously David is furious and thinks that his restaurant can succeed. So David challenges Gordon to return in four months to see how good it is gonna be.
So what happens four months later when Gordon returns? Lets wait and watch.


Anonymous said...

Wow talk about a clif hanger. This episode has been the best so far and I hope that idiot, ungrateful wanna be Silivio from Sopranos DAVID gives up and signs his ownership over to Greg. I really didn't care for Brian and strongly agree that he is lazy. I wish Greg and all dedicated Black Pearl employees the best of luck!

Anonymous said...

this place closed down not too long ago apparently.

I googled the restaurant after the episode and below is a link to an article about the restaurant's closure.

Gayathri said...

oh my god. that's really bad news.

Anonymous said...

The Black Pearl mentioned above is a different restaurant then the one seen in Chef Ramsay's show.

rustproof97 said...

I walked by the Black Pearl in Manhattan today, 9/29 and there is a sign in window that says "The Black Pearl is closed. Thanks for you patronage" I was looking for any hint on why they eventually closed. By the look of, since the filming, they had slowly been removing all the touches of the decor from the show. I am not sure how the menu was changed.

Anonymous said...

I called there today to make a reservation. No answer! I called during the "lunch hour"! If the restaurant went out of business, I feel bad for Greg. David and Brian...GOOD RIDANCE!!

LaLa said...

From New York Magazine:

wingding said...

Well didn't that make David eat his words then. What a wanker he was! I wish Greg good luck in his future adventures, he really had his heart in it. As for the other two back stabbing two faced bitches, good riddance indeed.....

mythras said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but....

Sadly, what could have been a great success is in the toilet. The restaurant has indeed closed, and this comment on its website,, reeks of David:

Black Pearl was destroyed, physically and emotionally, by a potty-mouthed, hatchet-faced bully and a national television network.

Having just watched this episode on Fox Reality Channel, the last 30 seconds or so was completely black and silent, except for the lower third showing credits. Makes you wonder if there was a follow-up they edited out, or an intentional statement.

Regardless of his TV persona, Gordon Ramsay is no bully. On an interview with George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC's "The Hour", he was affable, humorous and even modest. Unfortunately, it takes a heavy hand and a sharp tongue to snap these restaurateurs out of their fantasy worlds and push them into the reality of a profitable business.

Keep giving 'em hell, Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Just saw show. David is a self-absorbed idiot. No wonder it didn't work. What an ass! Greg could have done it alone, but not with that albatross, David, around his neck. Dunno about the other guy. He was just there. Too bad for the employees. They all hated dumbass David, too.
Nope. Couldn't have worked with a partner like that. I'm certain he's failed at all he's tried without realizing that HE IS THE PROBLEM! No wonder it's closed.
The show revealed to the other two owners it couldn't work with a liar and asshole like david around.
Thx for the link to the BP's website. Yes! So true! Those r david's words on it....blaming Gordon for ruining the restaurant IN ONE WEEK what david destroyed over FOUR YEARS. He has no clue. Stupid ignorant jerk. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY you abuser! david must have had weird parents.
Glad it's gone. I hate sandy clams. Greg needs to start his own restaurant and david needs to go back to hell where he came from.

Anonymous said...

mythras if you watch it online that black space with the credits rolling at the bottom is simply just where all the advertising for what's coming up next on fox goes. when you watch it online it doesn't have all that crap, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

Im a Chef from the Cleveland area, home to Chef Micheal Symon.

Boy, let me say this much... Everything that Chef Ramsey knows is gold! He should be if not (CMC) Certified Master Chef.

Anyhow, Chef Ramsey put his hard earned money into that place and those two piles of #$%@ destroyed it. Why even call Chef Ramsey if you dont ask for his help?

Goodbye David! Oh, snap! Wait a minute didnt I see your fatass sleeping at the shelter the other day? Oh, thats right I had to give you change for the bus to get to the shelter.

MindExplorer said...

It helps to remember that if Ramsay says the F word 5 times in a day the show will have him saying it 5 times in a 6 minute span.

I am amazed that Ramsay tries to save restaurants that have gotten so far into debt. It is no wonder that several of them have still gone out of business after Mr. Ramsay's overhaul of their business.

Even if you completely turn things around, the thought of working for years just to get back to even is often just too much.

It gives one much to think about even if you aren't in the restaurant business. Thanks Mr. Ramsay!

Anonymous said...

All I know is that David made himself look bad (knowing that he was on national television). And Chef Ramsay has some "cajones" confronting that ignorant, narcissistic loser, telling 'em exactly how it is. - Much love, Chef Ramsay

sdstarsong said...

I was sorry to see so much creative effort die.

Gordon has an arrogant, confrontational, Jerry Springer TV personality that is hard to watch, but his business principals are right on. Keep It Simple, Stupid. Do your homework. Have good communication. Know your market. Keep hands on, but delegate. Inspire your people, etc.

I love all the things I learn. Last week I made Yorkshire pudding! It was so easy. And I never would have known about Canadian lobsters.

I hope he keeps going, but I sure would like him to clean his language.


Anonymous said...

Gordon's mouth is a bit over the top, but this is TV after all.
I work about a block away from this restaraunt and saw a little bit of the filming. At the time I did not know what was being shot, but the wait staff was always huddled outside. Very interesting. My guess with this episode is this idiot David thought he would get some free advertising by getting his place on the show, but boy did it backfire. I wonder if the producers do any due diligence on the books to see if it is truly failing before they agree to go in. In the end David got what he deserved, the rest of those folks got screwed.

Ramsay's business tips are priceless no matter what business you are in. The main thing being you have to love what you do to do it well, at least usually.

Anonymous said...

Too bad for the other guys, especially Greg that David is such a handjob. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

I have been a master chef.
So after watching Chef.
At first I thought he was arrogant.
But,now he's not so bad.
David makes me sick.
How can he think hes better.
Better than chef ,better than us all?
The black pearl is gone.
At the end of the show chef said get your money and run from David.
At least the others owners were smart enough to listen to him.

Anonymous said...

Chef Ramsay is awesome! Cussing is part of life, expecially when you are put into the circumstances that Ramsay is dropped into. As for David, you are pushing 50 yrs. old! Get a haircut, don't be affraid of getting a little bit dirty and shut the #$@>j..^& up. Greg sorry the restaurant didn't work out, try, try again!

Anonymous said...

This is what the Black Pearl Website says today... another rambling on message that is clearly trying to discredit Ramsey. WE ALL KNOW WHO WROTE THAT!

Copied from the website:(it probably has been posted since around the end of November when the report was made.)


As it turns out, Gordon Ramsay is allegedly a philandering hypocrite. Maybe he'll rot in hell, where he belongs!

Making waves across the pond over the weekend were the tabloid reports that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had a seven-year affair with a high class escort lady, Sarah Symonds.

The Telegraph UK reports that Ramsay and the woman would meet up at the Marriott Grosvenor Square, which is right next to his Maze restaurant. Actually, the restaurant is part of the hotel itself. And its sounds kinda like kinky stuff went down.

On the second occasion the woman was seen visiting a sex shop in Soho beforehand to buy the legal drug amyl nitrate and Ramsay is said to have spent an hour and a quarter in her £390-a-night Mayfair hotel room.

We take it that the Marriott does not offer in-room sex kits. Also, Ramsay must have gotten a discount on that hotel room, right? That's like $600.

For now, Ramsay maintains that he did not cheat on his wife, saying he was set up and went so far to pose for photos with his wife, Tana, yesterday outside their home. However, if it is true we find it interesting how Marriotts seem to be top for affairs. From

Thank you to our friends and family for your support during the past four years, and thank you, God, for exposing this asswipe!

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a website that supposedly has the letter that they owners wrote when they were ending the business venture. There is a editor's note at the bottom that I found amusing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that - hopefully the link will be shown this time...

Anonymous said...

That David guy is an abomination! Totally self absorbed and ungrateful. Nice link to the restaraunt talking trash about Ramsay. Get a real life a holes.

Anonymous said...

I am so pissed off still about that the whole deal! Gordon put his time on the line. His PRECIOUS time. He is my hero and anything he does to help should be an honour. David, I hope when you watched that and wrote that about chef, you killed yourself. The world does not want anymore like you in it.

Anonymous said...

I wish Greg all the best for future ventures as he showed passion and commitment during the show. Its sad that the place closed down.

Sometimes we need to eat humble pie and realise that there are people out there that are far more experienced as business people, chefs and anything for that matter. Success leaves clues so why not take what these people can offer.

Gordon, you are fantastic. Straight talking and passionate. Many businesses these days need a good wake up call.

Anonymous said...

David is just misunderstood. And his lobster rolls are the best, just ask him.

If you don't think they are, it's only because you are not tasting it correctly, just like the hundreds of other customers who stopped going to the black pearl.

Hows that old saying go...? The signs of insanity are when you keep doing the same thing over but expect a different result... and the rest of the world is seeing it wrong except me.

it wasnt just davids arrogance that killed it for me watching the kitchen nightmares episode... its when the customer pointed out their food had SAND in it and david tried to justify that fact.

Rule #1: the customer is ALWAYS right. you do a restaurant not to make money, but to feed the people who pay your bills! and if the people think its crap, then its crap and change it for the people... "who make your pay check! "

Anonymous said...

Being a member of a Dutch gastronomy family, I have to say we always enjoy watching Gordon work. He KNOWS what he’s doing and he has a well developed sense of taste, as well as keen business sense. But what the F…. does he know about cooking? He is only one of three chefs in the UK who owns 3 Michelin Stars and a bunch of highly profitable well renowned restaurants all across the F-ing globe.
Surely a pompous, self-absorbed, unsuccessful NY entrepreneur who’s restaurant was already about half a million dollar in debt BEFOR the show and was bleeding money from every orifice, knows much more about cooking and running a restaurant than Gordon Ramsay.

And Gordon Ramsay has obviously disqualified himself with his potty mouth, because any chef who uses so called bad words must be a bad chef. Are you kidding me?

I think … the lack of self reflection displayed by David, tells the story. Anyone who has to resort to cheap, back stabbing outlashes on his own website, is suffering from a severe case of lack of character. The website is still up and running, but makes no remark about the downfall of the restaurant which has all the appearance of still being open for business. No, instead of explaining about the closure of the establishment they choose to let the site open with gossip news about Gordon Ramsay … talk about professionalism. Maybe … just maybe … they had fared better if they’d replaced the lobster with a good portion of humble pie.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible restaurant,

David say to the complaining customer; sand in the mussels; that is normal mr.
David says to a new customer who arrived just in the restaurant; are you leaving or are you just new.
Second time David against customer ARE YOU LEAVING OR JUST NEW. I think Dave thought he was deaf.

At the table with his 'friends' our salad is better, waiters sucks. Oh Dave you are such a loser.
Gordon was right. You dont have e heart and passion to have a restaurant. You want to be a millionair without working but saying to you friends.

Some tips for you

Rule 1 work untill you drop.

Rule 2 sand belongs in mussels but not when you prepared them to cook. You have to clean them. Even yourself. Or taste your wife also sand when she kissed you.

Rule 3 A customer has always right. Listen to the customers.

Rules 4 Dont be affraid to use your own money. If you only searching for investors and want to keep your money in your pocket. Then you are a loser. You dont want to take risks at all

Rule 5 Smile to your customers the will appreciate it. :):):):)

Rule 6 Gordon Ramsey has at least 15 michelin stars worldwide. So where is yours????

Then on your homepage your write the following information:


As it turns out, Gordon Ramsay is allegedly a philandering hypocrite. Maybe he'll rot in hell, where he belongs!

How professional is that from you. You dont have respect for your customers even for chef Ramsey

Making waves across the pond over the weekend were the tabloid reports that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay had a seven-year affair with a high class escort lady, Sarah Symonds.

So ???? What is the problem?? Are you jealous you cant afford that?

The Telegraph UK reports that Ramsay and the woman would meet up at the Marriott Grosvenor Square, which is right next to his Maze restaurant. Actually, the restaurant is part of the hotel itself. And its sounds kinda like kinky stuff went down.

So David i think the problem is that you dont have a own restaurant, where you can meet your escort !

On the second occasion the woman was seen visiting a sex shop in Soho beforehand to buy the legal drug amyl nitrate and Ramsay is said to have spent an hour and a quarter in her £390-a-night Mayfair hotel room.

David; the drug is legal so what is the problem. Cant you afford the amount of 390.

So david what are you trying to say with this topic at your homepage of the black pearl.

Everybody may do what he wants in his private. I think it is better to thank all the customers and staff, that you visited your restaurant in stead of this copy of

David you are such a loser, a asswipe and every word which is starting with ass.

I think you are be better if you are a pimp. That was the first thing i thought when you was entering the restaurant.

Film Geek said...


I would just LOVE to carve out david's eyes with a tea spoon (and i am not a violent person at all) but he is such a A-HOLE.

God and that website he has even though the resturant is closed, he just uses it to slag off Gordon Ramsay which is sooooo pathetic.

Get a f***in life.
Plus i totally think that David and who ever else is just stirring up crap about an affair, after all Gordon's done they act like that.
I just feel sorry for the employees of the black pearl.

Anyway sorry to vent my anger on your blog but i just can't stand fakes and 2 faced people, theyare the worst!!!

Anonymous said...

David is a real piece of work. He has no clue that he is an asshole. I hope Gordon sues the crap out of that loser. David will fail in every endeavor in his life.

Anonymous said...

I watched the show today in the UK and have to say that David is the biggest HandJob I have ever seen on the show, what a loser he is. I see the place has now closed down which seemed pretty obvious as it was clear that David has no respect and would change things again. Poor Greg and the staff, but what chance did the stand with that twat there

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that the website of the Black pearl carries such a personal attack against Gordon Ramsey after all he appeared to make fantastic improvements to the restaurant. Correct me I am wrong but the restaurant in question was a basket case needing assistance and if the web master for their website is to small minded to see this the resturant deserves all it gets. I wonder is the web master David.......seeing as the remarks appear to be directed by somebody who appears to have a grudge. Evidentally a person who cannot handle contsructive critism........... Planned to visit New York soon and will give this returant a miss after reading their website.

Anonymous said...

David must be a virgin

khaled said...

I wonder where Greg is now? Does he agree with David as he has co-signed the letter (or alledged to have)? I think they should do show on "What happened at the Black Pearl?"
Gordon is a great chef and business man but no way is he considered to be the best in the UK. That accolade goes to Heston Bluemental in my, and many peoples opinion. Has to be said that in Europe the best is considered to be Ferran AdriĆ  (amazing guy). Gordan can be a hippocrite; He was known to tell customers to F-OFF. There was one time he was paid £5k to talk about the usefulness of Granny Smith (i think that was the apple) but instead used another apple.

Anonymous said...

That black pearl website looks like some kid built it in 1996.

Anonymous said...

David was such a petty, self-absorbed, twat! So glad he went out of business - if anyone deserved it, he certainly did!!!

I do feel bad for his business partners but they are better off without him.

Anonymous said...

Well David got EXACTLY what he deserved.Shame for the other people involved. :(

Anonymous said...

what a dick david is just aired in uk wouldnt last five mins in strathclyde where gordons from

Wim (DUTCH) said...

My god David your a sick bastard, to put that on your website! You can't even run a restaurant. the website suck, who build it?
A kid?
I hope you never run a restaurant again.
And if you do, i hope it goes bankrupt!
Your sick!
You don't have a heart for people.
Chef Ramsay we love your show!!!

Vamdziza said...

See, How the universe works in mysterious ways. That was Karma for David. What goes around comes around. Because of his ignorant lying ungrateful rants he neglected the passion and commitment it takes to run a business and put the other 2 in debt and at a loss. And if he is using the website to post arragany remarks what does that say about his pride? He's sad and pathetic. I say he needs a therepist to sort out his insecurities and pathological lying.

Anonymous said...

Hey David... do you notice that about 99 percent of the comments on this blog are about you and what an ass you are?? it really is amazing that out of over a million sperm your dad shot in your mom YOU were the fastest !

Shaddy said...

I recently saw the rerun of this episode and I thought it was hilarious and disturbing. So I make the mistake of going to the Black Pearl's website (curiosity kills the cat, you know) and saw what they posted about Gordon Ramsey even before their own menu. Whether it is true or not, I don't care, I am not married to him. What does any of what they've said have to do about food and/or the restaurant industry. Can David be any more unprofessional? I think not.

Anonymous said...

yea yea, david is awful, greg is a saint, and ramsay is mmm-mm delicious.

my question is: What the hell is wrong with canadian lobster!?!

mmmmmmmmmm Canada.

LadyDragonfairy said...

okay, seriously, if any of these resturants really didnt need any help and the chefs or "executive" (to quote the mater himself 'what the f&^k is an executive chef') chef/owners/managers truly knew what they were doing, then why call chef ramsay in the first place? sure that would be answered by a question from the man with the intelligence of a dried up walnut, david.

i feel bad for "people" like david, who inorder to feel better about them selves, jump on the "hey, lets run this celebrity through the muck" train.

all i have to say is, david's mother should have used a coat hanger...

Anonymous said...

I'm a restaurant owner / operator in Aspen, Co. Ramsey is genius and David of the Black Pearl is by far the biggest ass I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

And the story goes on. This episode was extremely exciting!!!! With huge respect for Chef Gordon Ramsey the Black Pearl didn't stand a chance from day one! It sunk because of the arrogance of ungrateful and underserving owners that should of never been in business together. No matter how much shining the pearl got from Ramsey, it would of been in dirty water as long as the arrogance and miss management that polluted the pearl continued to have a owning interest. Some people are just not meant to manage anything. The best was the happy ending where Chef Ramsey just walked out! Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

I just saw the show the other night . I had no clue the show was that old. David looked like a cheap version of Harvey W. of the old Miramax. Although I thought there was nothing below that. I wanted to smack him in the head with a fry pan. DANO
Yet, like a damn fool, I looked up the restaurant anyway. Good ideas though.

Anonymous said...

I loled at all you braindead americans commenting one-sided on david.

David was an intelligent person, its a shame nobody around him including ramsey had the intelligence to realise it. Greg was a hardworker and the third owner would have been better off as front of house manager.

The kitchen nightmares template always includes one member of staff being harassed (david), verbally abused and labelled as a scape goat for unjust reasons. They have to shoot this to make quota for the show.

Anonymous said...

David is a douche

Anonymous said...

Is David the same guy who posted WHITEY is waking up to the Jew conspiracy bullshit that has been thrown into the face of all Whites for quite some time on .....

Anonymous said...

Fantastic episode!! :) I didn't realize this show filmed so long ago and like many others, i jumped online to see if i could find any recent reviews. SOOOO glad to hear it closed!! Absolutely no suprise at all. David is the ultimate douchebag...condescending to the customers and arrogant towards his staff, not to mention a ridiculously overblown ego. I ADORED the part where David claims Canadian lobsters are the same as Maine lobsters and then trying to justify that there is nothing deceptive about telling the patrons this incredible lie. LOL!!! I'm sorry for the other 2 owners, that is a shame. The manager they selected to expedite should have been Front House Manager and they should have hired a professional expeditor. In my opinion, that would have been their only chance at success.

Way to go, Gordon Ramsay. Big fan! Glad you exposed that guido airbag.

Anonymous said...

Open Letter To David Leonard:

"Horrible Jerk Ramsay?" - wow, now isn't that the pot calling the kettle black...

You make me want to stab you in the eye with a sharp object.
Or duck tape your arrogant, fat ass to a pole so I can stone you to death.
You are a rude, ungrateful and miserable life form.
You definitely weren't spanked enough growing up.
Your behavior is boorish, contemptuous and annoying (and so is your wardrobe, haircut and facial expressions by the way).
Life rule: everybody deserves a good ass whipping every now and again - yours is way past due.
Resentments are killing you - give ExtenZe a try.
Trust me on this one - your "friends" would appreciate you stop being such a little bitch and act like you actually have a pair.
You are a sad, pathetic little man whose act wears thin on everyone who has the misfortune of coming into contact with you.
You will die a very lonely and tormented man.
You are the poster child for the Dregs of Humanity.
The world has never seen a bigger douche bag then you.

Lastly, just so I can order my food in peace without being worried I'm getting ripped off over "Canadian and not Maine" anything, do me a favor and remember to put a bullet in the chamber before you pull the trigger. Now THAT would be great reality TV worth watching.

Now go f**k yourself you pitiful, little prick and crawl back under the rock you came from.

Sashabelle said...

We just saw the show in France. Awesome ! The biggest bad faith we've ever seen ! Sorry to hear that the restaurant closed, hope that Greg & crew have found something they really deserve for a living.
David must've grown up in a loveless and respectless atmosphere to be so full of himself that he just can't see the help Gordon's trying to give.
We do hope that this'll be a life lesson & make him realise the mistakes he made to finally be able to change.

Anonymous said...

The WORLD must band together and locate David to stop and hinder him from any future success. I'm sure his Smugness has plenty of illegal success, including IRS issues. He needs to be closely investigated. Anyone up for it? This needs to be destroyed. 15 minutes over.

Anonymous said...

It's wrong to sell Canadian Lobsters as Maine lobsters HOWEVER the supposed "superiority" of Maine lobsters IS a complete fabrication of the Maine lobster industry. The lobsters DO all come from the same waters, and there is no difference in them. Come to Atlantic Canada and eat the best lobsters available and you will see there really is no difference. Maine Lobster Industry created this whole "Maine is best" to fight against cheaper (in price, not quality) Canadian lobsters. I was surprised to hear Chef Ramsey continue this charade that "Maine is best". He was right in taking the guy to task for passing one thing off for another, though.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the show and didn't realized it was filmed so long ago. I went online to find out what happened to the restaurant and found it has been closed years ago. Well, I am with everyone who says it is a shame that Greg and the crew got screwed by the heartless David. Does anyone know what happened to them? I wish them well in their endeavours and I hope by now David went from senseless to sensible. I always check out Gordon Ramsey's shows and I do agree the language is a little much ...but it's a reality show and the editing for an hour show can cram a lot of language footage together.

I hope Greg did not give up on the restaurant business or lose heart and I hope the show gave that waiter (Christopher was his name?) great references to hopefully a much better employment.

Anonymous said...

I realize the show aired years ago and that the Black Pearl closed not too long after...But I just saw the show again and had to post!Saying that David is a handjob and a douche bag have got to be the understatements of the year! I hope he doesn't have children,now or ever!No kid deserves a pig like that for a dad.Gordon is a genius,but even if you don't like him,you must admit that David is a suckbag!His parents,if they haven't already shot themselves, must be so embarrassed after that show aired,and each rerun of it.He doesn't even deserve a pets love!Every time I catch this episode I just wish I could meet David,just to laugh at him in person!What a pathetic little man!Hey,David,they have a special place in hell reserved for you,with a 52" tv showing your television debut on a continuous loop for eternity!My son is two,he will be a man some day,will you?

Anonymous said...

I realize the show aired years ago and that the Black Pearl closed not too long after...But I just saw the show again and had to post!Saying that David is a handjob and a douche bag have got to be the understatements of the year! I hope he doesn't have children,now or ever!No kid deserves a pig like that for a dad.Gordon is a genius,but even if you don't like him,you must admit that David is a suckbag!His parents,if they haven't already shot themselves, must be so embarrassed after that show aired,and each rerun of it.He doesn't even deserve a pets love!Every time I catch this episode I just wish I could meet David,just to laugh at him in person!What a pathetic little man!Hey,David,they have a special place in hell reserved for you,with a 52" tv showing your television debut on a continuous loop for eternity!My son is two,he will be a man some day,will you?

Anonymous said...

Hi to you all, this episode just been aired here in Spain and I loved it ehehehe... wish I had a machinegun like the old mafia movies and could gun down David. lolol.

Great shows and Ramsey has a fantastic hands on character much needed in his line of work...

Anonymous said...

I had this episode on my DVR for a while and just watched it. Usually posters sometimes blames elective editing on making a person look bad on a reality show. In this case, it is clear that David is a huge, egotistical ass, and no amount of editing could have hidden or enhanced that fact. What a sad, pitiful person. Contrary to his denials, he didn't give a flying f$*% whether that restaurant lived or died. He had no passion. Greg should have invested his money in his own restaurant and never got involved with a loser. In the end...the Great Gordon Ramsey was RIGHT!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Greg and the staff won't be able to see what could have been. Hopefully he can hold on to some of the team and give it a go somewhere else. As for David "The Dick", he'll probably go crawling back to his mommy and squeeze more cash out of her. He reminds me of a spoiled little brat that always got his way and never had to work for it.

chris_popek2002 said...

chris said

i just watched this episode and like so many others i tried to find out what happened to the restaurant and i cant said how happy i am to hear that it closed it sucks for Gregg and the other committed people of the black pearl but David needs to be thrown into a pit of razor blades and have salt and lemon juice porn onto him then throw him into a pit of piranha to be slowly eaten alive

Anonymous said...

I really regret that David has been called a "Hand job" and a "douche" so often. C'mon people! Hand jobs and douches have some usefulness. David does not. May I suggest he instead be called something like " a big bag of gangrenous puss" or maybe "walking, talking hemorrhoid"?

Seifer Almasy said...

David was a nasty piece of work and sank the ship. The other 2 were pretty useless though as well... at least not a nasty prick though like him.

Anonymous said...

David is an egomaniacle moron, a failure as a businessman, an idiot, self loving moron. Glad he's busted... and if he opens another restaurant, it will FAIL :)

Anonymous said...

Chef Ramsey has failed in some restaurants. He has succeeded in others. He is intelligent enough to learn from the failures as well as the successes to see what works and what does not.

The "Customer Is Always Right" is a fallacy. The proper saying is that "The Customer Always Comes First". You cannot make a living on one visit from a customer. It takes repeat business AND them telling others about your place. Successful restaurants do not argue about the food or make snarky remarks to the customer.

Gordon Ramsay NEVER said Maine Lobsters were better than Canadian. His whole issue was FALSE ADVERTISING. Dave knew he was being "Wall Street Cute". His responses to rationalize the falsehood:

1) Same species
2) Come from same waters
3) Come from same distributor

All these are true, but they do not justify misleading the consumer.

Most of the places have idiots in charge that insist they know more than Ramsay. He started at the low end in a French Kitchen (he speaks fluent French because he LIVED there). I worked in a restaurant owned by one of these kind of guys. He was "qualified" to run a restaurant because he "had eaten in so many." He put up a sign to inform people that good food takes time so expect a long wait. (They wouldn't). I make a killer chili. People would come 2-3 times a day for something that had it. He took it off the menu because he wanted a "Steak House" (The steaks were all frozen).

Dave is NOT intelligent. Intelligent people look at circumstances and try to find solutions. Arrogance and stupidity insists that customers accept HIS definition of good (and "Maine" lobster).

Anonymous said...

I wanted to know how steven is doing. I thought he had the hots for Gordon.

Anonymous said...

I watched a re-run of this at some point in the last year or so and there WAS an epilogue. Gordon came back and spoke with Steven (I think) after he found the Black Pearl had closed. I just saw the episode again (Dec 2011) and there was no epilogue. Don't know what the deal is with that, but at least David was put out business...jerk. Cheers, Gordon!

Anonymous said...

Just watched a rerun of the Black Pearl episode, David is such an arrogant rude tool. I felt bad that the staff & the other owners had to work with him.