March 18, 2008

NYC crane accident !!!

There was a big crane accident which killed seven people when a construction crane collapsed in New York... Four construction workers were initially confirmed dead and then later three more were found in the remains of the buildings on Manhattan's east side. Recovery workers used thermal imaging devices and sniffer dogs over the weekend in the search for those missing after the accident. The building under construction, a 43-story residential building, had been cited for 13 safety violations, and five of those still needed to be resolved, according to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer. This is something which u can never tell would happen. This is such a big alert for them from now on...Still search is goin on for a construction worker and a woman missing in the debris of a collapsed town house..Nearly 24 people have been injured..It destroyed the 4-story brownstone, sheared the corner off of a 6-story apartment building and closed 4 blocks on Manhattan's east side..The crane toppled Saturday afternoon as workers added a section to its top so that they could build the next floors on what is planned to be a 46-story luxury condominium with a rooftop pool at 303 E 51st St.