February 14, 2008

Patty Hearst wins with her Diva in the Westminster dog show...!!!

Heard of Patty Hearst??... Grand daughter of the media baron, William Randolph Hears was kidnapped like before three decades by a radical leftist group in California, only to show up weeks later in a bank robbery...Then was in prison for like 2 years....Now she was seen in the Westminster Kennel Club Show at Madison Square Garden in New York as one of the owners of a French Bulldog...."When people find out it's me, it's like it doesn't make sense," acknowledged Ms Hearst-Shaw, the married name she uses nowadays. "The Frenchie people know me... but others, they seem surprised." Among the thousands in the stands, Mitzie McGavic, cheering on a friend, certainly did a double-take. "You're kidding. Is she the Patty Hearst? Showing dogs at Westminster? Who knew?"... Diva ( dog's name), already the proud mother of two litters, actually walked away with a rosette. After a male took top honours among French bulldogs being presented, the judges picked Diva for "Best of Opposite Sex" in the same category."It's like winning a gold medal at the Olympics. Or would this be a silver?" she said. "Someone asked me before I came down what were the chances of winning something. I said it was one-in-35, because that's how many dogs were entered. But I never expected this."...She came from Connecticut to prepare for the show...