February 7, 2008

NY Giants parade after the Super bowl victory in NY,NJ..!!

Imagine around 3 million fans trying to see the NY Giants players in Broadway in Manhattan. ..that was the amount of happiness and so they all wanted to share it with the players...The ticker tape parade to celebrate the biggest victory over the New England Patriots went on and on...Mayor Bloomberg presented the team with keys to the city....This was really a big win for New York....for New York football....for New York Giants....The parade of the Big Blue Homecoming was amazing...Never have we seen such a day where the players and the fans mingle in one place, talking and signing and just enjoying....Lots of confetti , and ticker tape and what not...The players were have video cameras taping the fun and frolic happening there...all waving and so happy...."This is the greatest city in the world," Eli Manning said at City Hall yesterday. "And now it's the greatest football city in the world." ....The players were so happy to have the Trophy and show it to everyone and say that ...Yes we can do it.....and we have done it ....Added one of the Giants' owners, Steve Tisch: "There's another team in the NFL that calls itself America's Team. Today, allow me to call the New York Giants, America's Dream." And added the other owner, John Mara: "We are very proud to bring home New York's first championship since the attacks of Sept. 11." ... We have always watched it on TV in other states and now this time it was live in our state......The Super Bowl-winning Giants were cheered lustily by 15,000 fans in a homey Meadowlands celebration in NJ, just hours after the ticker-tape parade in Manhattan.The parade began at the tip of lower Manhattan in Battery Park and proceeded north on Broadway, going past the financial district and the site of the World Trade Center before a finale at City Hall Park. The stretch is known as the "Canyon of Heroes," where ticker-tape parades have celebrated everything from Charles Lindbergh's Atlantic flight to sports championships. The last parade was in 2000, when the Yankees won the World Series. This parade was the first for a football team,