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February 8, 2008

Dollar Weakening !! Euros accepted in New York city !!!!

Dollar.....what happened???...falling and falling !!!..OOps!!..Its just not what it was before...Just think of people who have been saving in dollars and then move to UK or singapore or India...I mean they lose so much...Lots and lots they lose....And god getting stronger and stronger...SO u wont believe it...Some shops in New York city have started accepting Euros and other foreign currency...SO they dont mind the exhange and think they can always have them as Euros itself also....The weakening of the US dollar has now brought so many European tourists coming and just burning their money and they want to take the advantage of the hugely favorable exhange the shop keepers think that they have to start knowing all the currencies like the British Pound and the Canadian dollar....Shops in many US towns on the Canadian Border have been accepting the Canadian currency for a long time...On the Texas-Mexico border again they have been accepting Pesos...So now it has started in Manhattan....Leroy says if he gets Euros ...he does not have to exchange them as he thinks he could use them when he visits Paris...He thinks he wouldnt have the nightmare of going to exchange place...


Radioactive Android said...

Europe's higher inflation might force it into recession before US gets into one...wouldn't we all be back in square one if that would happen!!

VBlogger said...

Few weeks back, I saw an article in SanJose Mercury News stating - "NO dollars Only Rupees" - in TajMahal