February 16, 2008

Debbie Clemens injected once...Roger Clemens says !!!!

Roger Clemen's still fighting with the steroid case....yes he is....Now something arises new....His wife, Debbie Clemens has used HGH once....when???...when the trainer McNamee was there in their Houston home....when he had gone to train Roger Clemens...So what happened??...Well the Clemen's story is that - "She had been broken up over this a long time" ."She said she feels like a pawn in his game." So by this Clemens came to know that former trainer Brian McNamee had given Debbie an HGH injection.. He wasn't happy when he found out. After that he tried to call McNamee and he wouldn't respond....he wanted to know because she was not feeling comfortable, and something about her circulation. Well now this also contradicts to what Clemens had told previously that he never talked to McNamee about steroids or HGH. McNamee gives a very different story to this. He claims he injected Debbie Clemens in the winter of 2002 or 2003 with Roger Clemens present.He says Roger Clemens told McNamee his wife wanted to use HGH. McNamee showed Debbie Clemens how to inject herself, but it was McNamee who did the injection into her who are u gonna believe now ???