January 18, 2008

Waterfalls as Art in New York East river ...!!!

Waterfall under Brooklyn bridge proposed in NY
So what more is needed for New york other than all the attractions already present....well now there is something more....big...and watery...It's the waterfalls...Four giant waterfalls will be erected in New York for three months this year....One will fall from the famed Brooklyn Bridge...Three of the waterfalls will cascade into the East River and New York Harbour from free-standing scaffolding towers that are part of the Danish artist Olafur Eliasson's artistic vision, mirroring the scaffolding towers that sprout up throughout New York. They should be in place from mid-July to mid-October.The installation is to cost very litte.....just $US 15 million funded by private donations to New York's Public Art Fund. So now they want more tourists and think increased hotel, restaurant and other business revenues linked to the waterfalls should bring an additional $US55 million to the city's economy. It would really be a good business for those cruises and boats tho'...The Circle Line boat company will offer free and discounted trips to give visitors a closer look at the waterfalls....waw...that is lovely !!!
But Eliasson says Circle Line boats will not be able to get as close to the water as tourist boats do to New York state's most famous waterfall, Niagara Falls, on the Canadian border....Oh...never can u match that any day !!!....Niagara is just amazing !!!...So let us wait for that watery project to start !!!...


Weekend Warrior said...

Interesting concept. I always imagined waterfalls in an urban area. NY seems to be the first one to actually do it (apart from Niagara ofcourse).