January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger,actor found dead in NY apartment !!!

Heath Ledger, 'The brokeback mountain' cowboy was found dead today in his Soho apartment in Manhattan,NY. The Australian-born,28, was found face down and naked in his bed where a bottle of prescription sleeping pills were present in the night table..The housekeeper and a massage therapist found him unconscious when he did not respond to a knock on the bedroom door...They immediately called the police and moved him down..They found other prescription medications in the bathroom...Autopsy is to be done...It is a sudden and unexpected event in hollywood...His movie '10 things I hate about you' is famous and 'Brokeback mountain' is where he found his wife, Michelle Williams and now has a 2yr old daughter, Matilda...But they broke up last year...and he loved his daughter very much. What could be the reason???... He once said he was ready to die because he could live on in his child.Having a child changes every aspect of your life -- for the better, of course. - he said....then did he take his life or was it drug overdose or what....will have to wait !!!!......U wont believe this....He has also been nominated for the Oscars this year for his cowboy movie....that is really sad!!!!!!!!1


Ekta said...

Hey I just heard the news and was shocked...i quite liked the movie...
Its sad how u just never know how and when these things happen....dont think anyone cld have ever expected this...
God bless his soul!

Peter Chen said...


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