December 30, 2007

Penny harvest field in Rockefeller center ..NY !!!!

penny harvest
penny harvest NYC
If you visit Rockefeller Center in New York before the end of the year, you’ll see an “art installation” consisting of $1,000,000 in one-cent coins.... This is the Penny harvest field .The exhibit, 30 feet by 165 feet, as long as a city block, is the culmination of the nonprofit organization Common Cents' 17th annual Penny Harvest, a national educational program designed to teach children about their value as contributors to society. Hundreds of thousands of city students from more than 800 schools spent the weeks between Oct. 22 and Thanksgiving going door to door and collecting the pennies, which will be donated to organizations of their choice for causes such as protecting the environment and helping the elderly... penny harvest NY penny harvest New york


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