December 20, 2007

Cha-An Japanese tea house in NY !!!!

Cha and japanese tra house ny Cha - An tea house NY

A fast-paced passerby in search of something exciting will walk past the restaurant's humble facade. But if you are lucky enough to stop, open the door, walk up a staircase, and pull away two thick, square curtains hanging down mid-waist, Cha-an's warmth will encompass you immediately. Sensational Japanese tea house with excellent service, fine food and delightful assortment of teas. They have great lunch/dinner "sets", dishes and fabulous desserts that go great with their amazing selection of teas. Dim lit and quiet, the room is filled with wooden square tables and Japanese simplicity. The menus come in a big book. The majority of the book is dedicated to all the types of tea that they have. When the plate was served, the waitress rested a set of chopsticks atop a little black stone. The chopsticks were tied with a pink string making the experience seem like an exquisite little gift...The sweet potato samosas were presented in a relatively simple, yet still beautiful Japanese bowl. It consisted of a steamy paste of sweet potato which filled a flaky filo pastry. As I pierced and broke the samosas with the chopsticks, the scent of the delicate, sweet flavors was released. This place is just authentic everywhere . Finally, I have to mention the neorest toilet in the bathroom, with its naughty, bidet style sprayer with its temperature control and positioning remote, not to mention the 'oscillating' and 'pulsating' functions. Its in 230 E 9th St., 2nd Fl. (b/w 2nd & 3rd Ave.) New York , NY 10003 (212) 228-8030 ...... Nearest metro wud be 9th st, astor place.
Cha - An japanese tea NYCCha - An japanese tea empty plate NY Cha - An japanese tea house sweet potato samosa NY


Dr.Gray said...

The place looks nice and sounded like fun. However you did not say what tea you had, you did have tea right. It is a tea house after all.