October 13, 2007

"THIS IS NEW YORK CITY" - How do u like the new theme ????

Good bye to I ♥ NY........ It's going to be "THIS IS NEW YORK CITY"......

The first-ever global multimedia communications campaign to promote New York City has started through television, print, online and outdoor advertising in ten countries. This is all just to ensure that New York City is trying to promote throughout the world in an increasingly competitive tourism industry. The campaign is a vital part of the plan to achieve the Mayor's goal of attracting 50 million tourists to New York City by 2015. The campaign's message, "This is New York City," is to tell that the City offers visitors a range and diversity of experiences unmatched by any other destination in the world. They have started with the tv ad to show to all overseas about New York.
Does everyone like the new slogan.....????... Fox 5 did have a Sound off ....Not all liked it...They said it was too boring, too blunt.....Well, it is goin to be the slogan anyways....and the Mayor has accepted it...Let's see how the NYC tourism floruishes after all this campaigns.


Sameera said...

Thanks for that glimpse of NY!And yeah your blog template does suit the theme.

p.s.Do you have any personal blog as well Gayathri? :)