October 9, 2007

LUSH - Universally Luscious !!!!!!!

lush ny

Lush, the homemade bath and body products company, is an upcoming shop in the US. Lush is growing stronger as a business every day and new shops are popping up in the country. The first thing you will notice about lush is the smell, it hits you before you even walk in. I must admit that i used to be one of those people who used to walk past and ignore the smell. All Lush products are handmade by the company itself using natural ingredients from around the world including fruits, vegetables, petals/leaves etc. All Lush products are not tested on Animals.
There are so many wonderful items in every Lush store; it's easy to spend time lingering over the scented soaps, buttercreams, and shampoos. Most fun, however, is probably the shop design. To reduce waste, many soaps are arranged in large blocks, as in a cheese shop. The staff cuts off a chunk of your requested soap, bags and ties it, and puts your purchase in a sturdy recyclable paper bag. Also like in a cheese shop, the staff is happy to cut a free slice of whatever soap you wish to sample. Lush employees are generous with free samples, and this is fortunalush productste: Some of the more strongly scented soaps and jellies really need to be experienced before being judged.
Lush also makes some terrific massage bars, all of which incorporate aromatherapy into the efficacy of their purposes. Be it to relax sore muscles, or energize tired bodies, each massage bar serves its purpose well. Lush recommends using massage bars in place of massage oils; less messy than oil, the cocoa and shea butters melt on contact. The result is softened, scented skin, relaxed muscles, and a peaceful state of mind. Lush specialises in health and beauty products for both males and females. Along with the melt-in-your-hands massage body butters, Lush offers a wide and varied selection of buttercreams, shower jellies, shower gels, bath ballistics and bath melts. People are welcome to sample temple balms, hand and body lotions, moisturisers, and gentle face cleansers. Skin toners and shaving creams are the more masculine of all selections, and they are also as organic and natural as possible. The shampoo bars are a great items to pack while traveling, and you can buy shampoo bar tins as well. Feel free to sample the perfumes. The fragrances offered by Lush often complement the scents of the top-selling Lush soaps and bath products.
Lush has an active mail-order business, which is especially useful for finding discontinued favorites. However, with relaxed atmosphere fostered by its staff makes a visit to an actual Lush store a real pleasure, and in today's often rushed world, a luxury as well.Lush shops are not for everyonlush producte because the shop has many very strong smelling products giving a strong aroma throughout. This is good for people who can smell one for miles but really bad for people who can't stand the smell.
Now just a sample of what all they sell, that makes it so luscious......
Soaps - The first thing u see while entering the shop in different colors, shapes and sizes. U can smell them and buy if u like as pieces or as weighed amounts. Some of the soaps do have bits in them which can be rough on your skin and stick to the bottom of the bath so be warned.
Bath Ballistics - These are normally round shaped but on occasions have special theme shaped designs. These items simply give you that extra special bath by changing the colour, giving foam effects and helping by making your bath as relaxing as possible. Another name for these are Bath bombs. They are simple to use you just drop them in a pre-run bath and watch them fizz away.
Hair Care Products - Lush do a wide selection of hair products to wash all different types of hair. The Bar shampoos just look so similar to the Bath Bars so it does look abit silly when putting on the hair, all you do is either rub it on your hand then on to hair or rub straight onto wet hair. The liquid shalush giftmpoo and conditions are very simple to use as its the same as using any normal shampoo etc. If you have damaged or oily hair , you can find many products to help restore your hair and they really do work. Lush also sells Hair Moisturisers, but they dont stand for long.
Bubble Bars - These are bars which can be broken up into pieces and put under running bath water to create that extra special foamy bath. You can get many different varieties and each one has different effect. Many come in different themed shapes, some look like Christmas puddings, trees, sweets, Flowers.
Body Butters - This items are bars which you can use in the shower or Bath. They are very simple to use, you just rub them over your body, rinse and then dry. You will then be left with clean, refreshing and smooth skin. Some of the products can be a bit rough when using them but other than that they really do make your skin feel great.
Face masks - Face masks are simple to apply just rub onto the face avoiding eyes and mouth area (they do not taste nice), leave on for about 10 minutes and rinse off. Its ideal to store these in the fridge to give a better texture and feel. Its really an awesome product. They explain which one is good for ur skin and tel the ingredients in the mask and help u out.
Shaving Products - Lush also sells shaving products which are suitable for males and females. They come in different forms gels, liquids or soaps.
Shower Products - You can buy from Lush several shower items .Shower gels are very simple to use because they are just a liquid, they come in different sizes depending on what you can afford or need. I find the shower gels don't always smell nice so prefer to use soap or jelly instead which give off a better aroma.lush

Massage products - Massage bars are great fun to share with your partner and are very simple to use. Just rub directly onto the body and rub in with your hands. The massage bars have many different advantages, some relax you, some are good for your mussels and some good for your skin. The massage bars are very greasy and can take a good while to rub in.
Hand and Body lotions: These items come in little tubs and are suitable for different types of Skin to make them feel and look better. They are very easy to use, just apply with you hands and rub in.
Gift Sets - Gift sets come in different sizes, themes, colors, types and prices. Really a great gift to a person who is fond of smell and beauty products.
For the Men: Don't forget Lush also does products for men. The shaving gels, soaps are really good if they are goin to try them out.
Staff - I have always found Lush staff excellent. The staff knowledge is great if you want to know something about a product and they always seem to know or give helpful advice.

lush in los angelesOverall....a great experience in LUSH.......
Branches in New york -
Elmhurst 90 - 15 Queens Blvd - Unit 202811373(718) 699-8969
New York SoHo, 531 Broadway10012(212) 925-2323
New York Union Square, 7 East 14th St.10003(212) 255-5133
New York #108 - 1293 Broadway (34th & Broadway)10001(212) 564-9120
New York Upper West Side , 2165 Broadway (between 76th & 77th)10024(212) 787-5874


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