October 22, 2007

The ghouls have landed

Halloween comes to Bleecker:

Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs are only two of the many stores on Bleecker that have "decked" up their windows for Halloween. Yes, there's ghoulish Dubya too. I must agree with RackedWire - the only thing scarier is the line outside Magnolia Bakery. The picture below was taken a little after 10pm and the line was half a block long - nothing unusual.

Are the cupcakes worth the wait? Well, you can get good ones at Amy's Bread (250 Bleecker), Tonnie's Minis (120 W 3rd) or Billy's Bakery (120 W 3rd btn 21st & 22nd). Strangely, the cupcake seems to taste better after a long wait.

While you're on Bleecker do not miss Rocco's Pastry Shop (243 btn Leroy & Carmine) or their Tiramisu. You might even get to see Matt Dillon.

The Village Halloween Parade starts at 7pm on Wednesday October 31st (from Spring to 21st on 6th Ave).


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