October 7, 2007

Bronx Zoo - A great place to have fun !!!!!

Would you believe that this is the largest metropolitan zoo in the US? Right here in the Bronx, a train or subway ride away from Manhattan. This zoo is indeed very big, and will easily offer a whole day of educational entertainment. The tickets aren't too expensive and you get great deals for groups. Plan your visit as Wednesday's are "dontaion day" here and they are free , but very crowded. Again, ofcourse like any other place , weekends and holidays are crowded. Be ready to walk and walk and wear comfortable shoes. It’s an excellent place for kids and adults alike. There is a monorail that takes you on a ride around the zoo grounds. It’s a good way to get an overview of the place and to sit after the hours of walking. Plan ahead and pack a little picnic beforehand. There are many cafes and food counters available. Check for winter schedules, as some sections of the zoo are closed.

The animals have their home in a more natural environment rather than being caged. The Zoo is really huge and it is really tuf to complete the whole in a day. It's all region wise here like The African Plains, Butterfly Garden, Congo Gorilla forest, Himalayan Highlands, Tiger Mountain, Sea lion Pool, World of birds, reptiles and so on......

The zoo is especially known for its "Wild Asia" tramway, a monorail that allows spectators to observe Asian animals, and "Jungleworld", an indoor exhibit on plants and animals from tropical rain forests. The zoo features the Congo Gorilla Forest, the largest manmade rainforest in the world . Other large indoor exhibitions include "World of Darkness", which showcases nocturnal animals including caimans, bats, and naked mole rats. The building is kept completely dark during visitor hours to keep the animals active. The lights are turned on after closing, letting the creatures sleep. The zoo is also home to several indoor bird houses including "World of Birds", the famous two-story bird house containing hundreds of species. Here visitors can see the keepers toss live crickets to white-throated bee-eaters, as the birds catch the crickets midflight.

You can also spot snow leopards in the naturalistic Himalayan Highland Habitats. The tree kangaroo with her overgrown baby trying to pack himself into her pouch is hilarious! He did fall out of the tree, which worried the employee supervising that area, but after a few seconds of trembling he started to climb the tree again to reach his mother. The monkeys are just hilarious!..You will like the giraffes, which are indoors and in a huge building with painted wildlife backgrounds.

But dont be disappointed at the number of animals missing - bears behind a hill, the tigers nowhere to be seen, one mangy lion roaring off in the distance happens....!!!! Yout gotta plan and go as these animals have their feeding time or entertainment time...when they come near the viewing rooms , so dont miss that.....

You can find polar bear in its own den with ice all around..You can see koala bear, grizzly bear and everything and anything here in this zoo...You can also find black squirrels, peacocks with their colorful feathers goin here and there...I am sure you wud have a great outing on a beautiful day !!!


NeoAuteur said...

Seems like an interesting place. There's a world's renown zoo right here where I live.

Sameera said...

Hey I have read about this zoo and the polar bear in the "Princess Diaries" book.New York is one in my list of places I want to visit someday :)