September 15, 2007

How frustrating is it to get a house???

Oh my god !!!!! U really go crazy to rent an apartment in New york or New jersey . It is so expensive that ur monthly salary goes totally in that. Very difficult for u to even think of saving money. Either u have a big broker fee or the apartment is very expensive for just a small room which they give. It's really bad and something has to be done to this. Either they have to reduce the rents or give more salary. lol.... Again, the safety is very important. You can just not go and rent a place. You got to see the locality, the shops have to be nearby, the subway, it shud be safe to walk in the nights. There is so much in renting or buying a place. Well another reason y the rents r high is also tht the house prices are going down drastically. So people are only renting and so it is mindblowingly increasing. Especially for people working in the financial district, it is not possbile for them to catch 3-4 trains and come to their work place. It vil take their life out before they reach for work. It is again not possbile to drive in that mad traffic in NY. Subway is the best option to go anywhere in NY.The rents near financial district are so so high that you can even not think of looking at the place. The studios are so small that even 2 people cannot walk inside the room also. In many places, sometimes the utilities are also not included or the laundry isn't in the building. It is such a pain to take all the dirty clothes somewhere, wait for it to be washed and then take them back. Just a waste of ur precious time. Who has time for all tht ??? ....Cmon folks !!!!......When are these rents ever going to reduce so that everybody can afford them....Which is the best place u think is affordable and safe??....Shud u go to realtors ???......Craiglist is good enough???.....wht ya thinking???.......speak out !!!!!!!!!


Weekend Warrior said...

That's the kind of situation in most cities.. The growth in income is not directly proportional to sky-rocketing cost of living which also includes real estate factor (whether rent or own).. There has to be a balance someday. Sooner it is, better for all of us ;)