September 13, 2007

Fries !!!! Fries !!!!

Potatoes dumped in one end of the shop..!!! Have u seen this place anywhere?? .... You have to like french fries if you're going here, since that's all they serve. These aren't just ordinary fries; these are Belgian fries (Pommes Frites).These fries are hand-cut and fried twice. The fries are short and chunky, but full of potato flavor! Very tasty ! They have a big list of sauces & toppings and you can always have a sample. You should try mayonnaise if u want to be a true Belgian.You can take your meal over to the low wooden tables, which have cupholders for your fries. It's usually quite packed in here and you should feel lucky to get a seat, usually squeezed in against other customers.This is a place you can take your kids, frenz and other french fry fanatics who visit NYC. Its always open late. So go fast and have ur bite !!!! Its in the 2nd avenue.


Weekend Warrior said...

Yeah.. very true. Have had Belgian fries there and it's amazing especially with the sauce of the day. This place seems have been started by a student who went backpacking in Belgium and was impressed by the fries there.