September 29, 2007

Best views of the Manhattan Skyline !!!!!

New York City contains just about everything the human eye could crave to see. Where do u think u can have the best view of the Manhattan Skyline !!!!....

Its the view from Jersey city waterfront walkway....That 's the best skyline view you wud have ever seen in ur life...Anytime of the day it's just it in the morning or when it is cloudy or when it is filled with fog or during the night. I wud say the night time is the best especially on week days when all the lights in the buildings are lit.... Its again beautiful on a full moon day. U can also see it during sunset when the rays are falling on the buildings.... It wud be glowing .... U can see the Empire State, Chrysler building, New York life and the Woolworth light up the evening sky.

Next, going further towards the north is the view from hoboken waterfront. Here u can see the Empire state closer. It's just a great place to relax and there are a couple of bars on the waterfront where you can enjoy the view on a night out. There are many movies that are shot in this place. One of the greatest things about Hoboken is the view and any day those houses which have the view are the costliest.

Now going to the New york side itself, if you want to see the skyline from afar and for free , start in Brooklyn. There’s the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, perched above the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, this 1/3-mile long walkway provides a fantastic place to stroll and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline. The Promenade is lined with grand townhouses and mansions and is a favorite destination for joggers, walkers and roller-bladers. Tourists come to snap photographs, and tv crews come to shoot commercials and music videos with the skyline as a backdrop.

To enjoy New York with a local crowd, go to Brooklyn - 45th Street and climb to the top of Sunset Park. You can take in the Manhattan skyline along with your food from one of the restaurants down.

There’s only room for four at another great spot for viewing Midtown: the wooden deck chairs at the end of the “Sunning Pier” in Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City, Queens. The park sits across the East River from Manhattan, and if it weren’t for the massive United Nations building hogging the foreground, the skyline would be perfect. By the way, if the four seats are taken, there are plenty of other piers, and you can also take a quick walk over to the Water Taxi Beach, a new hangout with actual sand and the same view.

Boats also provide ever-changing views of the city. The best and the free one is the Staten Island ferry, but the angle hardly varies: the financial district gets smaller as you go, and bigger as you return. There are the standard Circle Line tours also which take the same route and show you the Skyline and the Statue of liberty , but with a fee. But for a faster and more enjoyable alternative, take a New York Waterway commuter ferry to New Jersey and back.

The Governors Island waterfront offers some of the most dramatic and impressive views of the New York skyline, Jersey city and New York Harbor, including the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. The northern half of the Island has been designated as both a National Historic Landmark District and a New York City Historic District. This island is open to the public only during summer and the ferry service connects Manhattan to this island. A great place for picnicking, bike riding, touring the National Historic District, and enjoying summer programs.


Sameera said...

This is after 9/11 isn't it?Did you click these pics :)

Gayathri said...

yes sameera...all snaps by me only and the video too....ya its after 9/11. shud put b4 9/11 photos looked lovely with those towers.

Anonymous said...

My favorite: Roosevelt island