August 25, 2007

People out there......Tell me what all u like about Newyork ...N what all u don't!!!!!!!!

Newyork!!!!!!! tall tall skyscrapers...yellow cabs...people walking.... U can see this always in the streets of NY..... Been to NY ??? .... Share your experience with the world....Where all have u been to in NY....where all did u eat....where did u stay..... what is it that u liked the most...tell me tell me !!!!!!....
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Prashanth said...

wel! one should see ny and nj atleast once in his lifetime. but take it from me , "once" is not enough. beauty on the boardwalk along the river, planning and technology with the roads and construction blocks , class in the automobiles and of course the people and shopping centers... thats 'the' thing in ny. i have been just once. sure to make it once more to the US and of course NY. i miss the twin towers wtc. waiting for the freedom tower to come.


Arvind-Balaji said...

New York, New York.. You hear the double word, you ought to double up to get up to speed with NY's amazingly fast paced life, with those subways, Manhattan's skyscraper offices and all that - somewhat like Mumbai or Tokyo, for those who have been there. What I liked most was standing in the middle of Times Square, with all the jazzy lights and people around... the ferry ride to Liberty Statue, walking on wall st, eating at Saravanaas on 26th & Lexington, and the river & skyline view from our beloved Jersey City hosts were all awesome.. So were the Bridgewater NJ temple, and the green & greener ride to upstate NY on Garden St Pkwy to see the Pomona temple. I know I missed a lot of other good places, but I think I had my fill. What I did not like - the complexity of the Newark airport, driving on the NJ turnpike, the tolls for almost every turn, traffic at the tunnels, the incessant rain that spoiled a lot of fun, the need to walk up, walk straight and walk down to get somewhere (esp the subway).. and traveling with small kids wasn't easy. All said, NY has everything to offer - the city life or the wildreness upstate... Must see, must experience.